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Thanks to the great team at the Military Sealift Command (MSC) for all the assistance in this project.

We were traveling for two long weeks in beautiful and pristine South Korea, the food is amazing, the people extremely friendly and the weather was fantastic, we will certainly miss South Korea.

The project was finished successfully as planned. the main task for this trip was to perform thermal imaging survey in every load center and distribution switchboard, 200+ in total. In this survey we encounter different points of failure such as fire hazard connections, breakers with that needed to be tightened and many other points of failure where overheating was observed with our Thermal imaging camera. by the way, big kudos to Fluke, what an amazing camera the FLK-Ti32 60 Hz is, the images are awesome and the fusion options is just outstanding.

As far as the UPS survey we were able to test and detect possible failures that decrease the lifespan of the equipment and could potentially damage the equipment and/or operators. the biggest problems we always found in our surveys are due to temperature, this is one of the most critical thing to monitor in a UPS system, just 10 degrees above the rated temperature can deteriorate the batteries in a large scale, decreasing their lifespan to half the time.

In the PLC survey everything was found in great condition, all the 300+ PLC’s available were working flawlessly.

The support engineers in charge of this job in Korea, did an amazing job, thank you guys.

한국 감사, (hangug gamsa)

Thank you Korea,

Powergen Webteam.