Thermographic Services

Our engineering services team ensures that all systems perform interactively according to contract documents, design intent, and operational needs.

Powergen Controls is a 24/7 engineering services PROVIDER, available whenever and wherever you need us, we have a group of qualified field service engineers with knowledge in: PLC programming and configuration, diesel and gas engines mechanics, generators and power distribution controls and switchgears.

Powergen Controls Field Services:

Troubleshooting and repairs.

With knowledge in control systems, equipment mechanics and years of practical experience, we can solve customers’ machinery and/or control systems problems with expert advice based on engineering principles.

Field Modifications.

Reprogramming or retrofitting existing controls as per user specified sequences and/or applications.

Systems Startup Assistance / Commissioning

Powergen Controls can assist contractors during or before startup. And be available to reprogram, rewire and/or add devices if necessary to ensure that all systems perform interactively according to the contract documents, the design intent, and the operational needs.

Powergen Controls Engineering Services:

  • Design, configuration and startup
  • PLCs and control logic
  • Custom enclosures and wiring diagrams
  • Integration with SCADA systems
  • Graphic diagrams to match facility
  • Sequence of Events Time Stamping
  • Retrofit design including demolition drawings

Powergen Controls has the tools and personnel necessary to provide you with the quality services you need.


Contact us at any time and we can gladly provide the engineering services that adapts to your project needs