Switchgears and Controls

Every switchgear and controls system is custom-designed and manufactured to specific customer requirements. The Powergen Controls team has an extensive knowledge in Woodward Governor Controls, DeepSea Electronics, Basler Electric, Schweitzer Engineering and many other controller manufacturers used in the power/power generation industry.


AB SWG ControlPowergen Controls offers simple power reliability solutions to extremely sophisticate advanced automatic transfer schemes, by implementing controls for automatic switching between Utility or Generator sources or Generator Paralleling, most common Transfer Schemes implemented are:

  • Utility Main-Tie-Main, Main-Main
  • Open Transition
  • Synchronized momentary open transition
  • Utility-Generator schemes
  • Momentary Closed Transition
  • Extended Closed Transition (ramped load control)
  • Maintained Parallel (import/export control)


Load-shedding schemes can be implemented to control peak demand levels or to ensure service continuity to critical loads. Circuit breakers sequencing can be used to close and/or open circuit breakers in accordance with user specified sequences and/or applications. These systems can be used for:

  • Powering large motors across several billing KW demand periods to avoid demand penalties.
  • Circuit Breakers can be selectively opened as needed according to user defined priorities, based on monitored power demand values.
  • Frequency based control
  • Load reduction to match generator supply
  • Demand control
  • Peak shaving